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Taijiquan - a martial art

         Tai Ji Quan used to be a martial art. A soft one maybe, but it was still a martial art. It was based on using the opponent’s strength and developing your own internal power. Strength or a strong built was not required, so it could be practiced by aged or sick people. That’s how it was discovered its beneficial effect on health. This is what old Tai Ji Quan used to be.
         Nowadays Taijiquan is no longer a martial art, it has become more or less a sort of health-preserving ballet or aerobic gymnastics. The techniques have been simplified, reduced and transformed so they are easy to learn and perform, and so they would look nicer or more beautiful. However, they lost their original meaning and can’t be used anymore in a real situation or for self-defense. This is what I like to call the modern Tajiquan, and unfortunately, it’s the most popular form of Taijiquan, not only in the world, but also in China.
         There are only a few teachers in the world that still practice Taijiquan as a martial art (and probably their number is still diminishing). Basically, this is what I am trying to do in Bucharest, Romania. If you are interested or want to exchange opinions, fell free to contact me. However, please remember that there is a big difference between the main-stream Taijiquan and the real martial art Taijiquan.